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About us

The Santander Chair in the Rights of the Child was created in 2008 with the following aims:

  • Study and reflection on the situation regarding children and adolescents in Spain and throughout the world, thereby contributing to the realization of the rights recognized in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.
  • A meeting point for the different social agents who intervene in protection and reform systems for minors, encouraging discussion between specialists and an exchange of ideas between Society and University.
  • Research which combines theoretical reflection with developing and disseminating alternative, practical and feasible proposals regarding the protection and reform systems.
  • Promotion of good practices regarding children.
  • Sensitization of society to encourage respect for the rights of children and adolescents.
  • Contributing to jurist training on topics related to children and adolescents.

We are a team of jurists specializing in different areas of Law, both university lecturers and researchers and other professionals working in the area of children, who try to fulfill the objectives of the Chair by means of the work we carry out.

Furthermore, we have the support of an Advisory Council made up of experts on Children's Law.

Members of the Chair

  • Dr. Salomé Adroher Biosca
  • Dr. María Isabel Álvarez Vélez
  • Dr. Miguel Cillero Bruñol
  • Dr. Rosa María de Couto Gálvez
  • Dr. Sara Díez Riaza
  • Dr. Blanca Gómez Bengoechea
  • Dr. Isabel E. Lázaro González
  • Dr. María José López Álvarez
  • Dr. Concepción Molina Blázquez
  • Dr. Federico de Montalvo Jääskeläinen
  • Dr. Julieta Moreno-Torres Sánchez
  • Dr. Íñigo Navarro Mendizábal
  • Dr. José María Ruiz de Huidobro de carlos
  • Dr. Alberto Serrano Molina
  • Dr. Ana Soler Presas
  • Lic. Violeta Assiego Cruz
  • Lic. Myriam Cabreara Martín
  • Lic. Ignacio V. Mayoral Narros
  • Lic. Catalina Perazzo Aragoneses

Members of the Advisory Council

  • Almudena Escorial Senante - Institutional Relations Coordinator at Save the Children España
  • Gabriel González-Bueno Uribe - Head of Children's Policy at UNICEF
  • Ángel Hernández Martín – Director of the Platform on Children
  • Isabel Lázaro González – Member of the Santander Chair in the Rights of the Child
  • Clara Martínez García – Director of the Santander Chair in the Rights of the Child