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Our aim is to provide assistance to any member of the University Community going through a difficult situation. Through interviews and individual working sessions we offer psychological and educational advice related to both academic and personal problems.

We often possess the personal tools needed to overcome difficulties, but when this is not the case an external resource can be of great help. Designed in order to provide primary care, this service is free for anyone who wishes to use it. 100% confidentiality is guaranteed for all consultations.

As the head of service, I encourage you to turn to any of the professionals on our team whenever you need any help.

Cristina Peñalba de las Heras
Head of the Psychoeducational Counseling Unit


When should I ask for help?

Whenever you think you need it. As a student you may be faced with doubts concerning academic issues related to your chosen degree, organization or concentration difficulties, or anxiety before exams. Speaking with your tutor can help you to resolve some of these situations, but you can also seek direct help from the service. At times you may face personal or family issues which have an impact on your wellbeing and consequently your performance. If you cannot tackle the crisis by yourself: do not hesitate, seek help. Before matters become more complicated, remember that you have access to a specialist in your Faculty or School who is available to assist you and lend a helping hand where possible. The sooner the better.