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What is RefWorks

This new edition of the reference manager (previously logo flow) increases researcher productivity by simplifying the research experience. Easy to access and easy to use, the new RefWorks frees up researchers’ time by streamlining their workflows. Through an innovative design, It helps researchers gather and organize the documents they need to complete assignments, create instant citations and bibliographies, and enhances the ability to connect and collaborate with others.

Your logo flow login name and password will work with the new proquest. Since 2016 January 18th , your references, documents, collections and shared collections (both from you and with you) are already in the new RefWorks.

Easy-to-use, approachable interface:

  • Drag-and-Drop files to import references and documents.
  • “Save to RefWorks” booklet caught web pages with one click.
  • Bibliographies and cites in text: RefWorks for Word, Google Docs.

Students, teachers, researchers and administration staff of the university can subscribe an account on proquest
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