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Welcome from Enrique Iglesias


foto Enrique Iglesias

Dear friends,

Here at the Comillas Pontifical University we have launched a new Chair focused on analyzing the socio-economic situation in Latin America. This Chair aims to serve as a meeting point for businesses, academic institutions and other bodies and also to facilitate discussion and reflection on the evolution of the Latin American and Caribbean countries. This is all within the complex setting of today's globalization across all of its strands: economic, social, political and technological.

The Chair's team will work on championing and creating applied knowledge in economic, social and political areas, specifically focusing on business issues.

As Director of the Chair, I will focus on integrating the different views of Latin America and promoting participation from the universities and institutions who collaborate in this ambitious project in each of the activities and initiatives we carry out.

I am delighted to begin this exciting new project and send you my very best wishes.



Signed: Dr. Enrique Iglesias


Director of the Latin American Chair