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  1. To serve as a meeting point for companies, academic institutions and other bodies for discussion and reflection on the evolution of the Latin American and Caribbean countries within the complex process of today's globalization, across all of its economic, social, political and technological strands, as well as for relations with the European Union and, particularly, with Spain and Portugal.
  2. To create applied knowledge, which is also academically rigorous, on Latin America, mainly from a business point of view but without neglecting other disciplines and areas of knowledge.
  3. To promote a broader and deeper insight into the reality in Latin America amongst Spanish universities, especially in the activities carried out in ICADE Business School and, where applicable, in Latin America through online programs.
  4. To contribute to the public presence of the Comillas Pontifical University, thereby becoming a reference for society in this field. To provide an online platform for university work.


Organizational chart


Main Activities

The Chair will organize a bi-annual research seminar on various economic, political and business current affairs in Latin America. Conferences and talks will also be held on the most significant issues within these fields.

Each seminar will comprise 3 weekly classes lasting 3 hours each. They will be taught after 17:00 to meet the needs of those who are tied up in professional careers. They can be released via streaming for universities in the region that form part of the Chair's Network. The first seminar will be devoted to an overview of the economic, social, political and international situation of the region. The second seminar will explore topics related to the economic, social or political situation. Four lecturers and two panelists will take part in each of the classes. The lecturers will preferably come from abroad and the panelists from within Spain or Portugal.


Network of partner universities

The Chair is currently holding talks with different Latin American universities regarding their definite integration in the Chair. Once the network is finalized, all those involved will be announced via this platform.