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José María Martín Patino Chair for a Culture of Encounter

Annual Report on Social Reality of Spain.

Continuing the work started over 20 years ago with the preparation of the report issued by Fundación Encuentro (Foundation for Encounter), the subjects addressed shall be those fundamentally affecting daily lives of citizens (particularly, those related to public policies regarding welfare, employment, sustainability, impact of communication and information technologies, great demographic changes and social and political participation) by providing arguments, proved amd supported by indicators and in a language understandable by everyone, for public debate and for helping citizens and organizations to take action.

The first report of the José María Martín Patino Chair, and 23rd of this series of reports, was published in December 2016. You may access the report page, where all issues may be downloaded for free, in the following link http://www.informe-espana.es/

Expert panels and sessions.

With the aim of achieving a greater impact and dissemination for research work carried out by this Chair, and of promoting public debate about the subjects analysed, expert panels and open sessions where to showcase such works or present the contribution of the Chair to pressing social problems.

Expert panels have been held with regard to the following subjects:

  • Violence against women
  • Towards a new citizenship
  • Innovation in education, 31 may 2017.