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  1. To thoroughly reflect on the world view of science and technology and its impact on ethical, philosophical and theological thought by means of developing various research projects.
  2. To encourage lecturers, University students and other professionals connected thereto (particularly former alumni) to reflect upon the relationship between science, technology and religion through courses, seminars and conferences.
  3. To promote a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between science, technology and religion in secondary education in Spain, carrying out a previous study of the current situation and promoting special courses for teachers of religion and other sciences in secondary schools and colleges.
  4. To encourage the creation and maintenance of institutional networks among those with similar activity to the CTR Chair, particularly –due to the existing ties– with Deusto University, Ramón Llull University and the ASINJA association.
  5. To encourage reflection on the dialogue between science, technology and religion within the Catholic Church and in ecumenical spheres, as well as on inter-religious dialogue, and with explicitly agnostic people or institutions or those opposing religion.
  6. To facilitate a wider social scope and raise the public profile of the reflection carried out by means of suitable publications, making use of the new and interesting possibilities available online and sustaining the main resources developed by the CTR Chair:
    • the special series "Ciencia, filosofía y Religión [Science, philosophy and Religion]" from the journal Pensamiento
    • the book collection "Ciencia y Religión [Science and Religion]" from Comillas Pontifical University with Sal Terrae
    • The online journal Tendencias de las Religiones [Religious Tendencies].
  7. To foster a growing integration of the international line of thought on the dialogue between science, technology and religion in our country and, by extension, the cultural sphere of Latin America.