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Purpose of the Chair

The purpose of the Chair in Business Internationalization, Diversity and Professional Development is to perform research, training and knowledge dissemination activities which facilitate:

  • For businesses, effective planning and execution of their internationalization projects, taking into consideration the needs and expectations of the interest groups involved.
  • For current and future professionals, development of skills and competencies which facilitate their professional service in international settings.

Objectives of the Chair

The objectives of the Chair are as follows:

  • To act as a meeting point between business and institutions for debate and reflection.
  • Creating knowledge about the factors which cause the need for geographical mobility in the present competitive context, as well as about the effects of this phenomenon on business management.
  • Providing institutions and businesses with information which enables them to understand this phenomenon and with tools which facilitate the internationalization and management processes of the people involved.
  • Perform dissemination and awareness raising activities to encourage responsible attitudes in the areas of education, training, and skills for people in international settings.