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The Chair in Business Internationalization, Diversity and Professional Development organizes seminars, congresses, conferences, forums, and round tables with the purpose of promoting contact between the academic, scientific, and business worlds, and which enable:

  • The identification of business problems which require a greater research and knowledge development effort.
  • Sharing of experience and best practice.
  • The dissemination of advances in knowledge developed by the Chair and other institutions.

Latest Meetings

Forum on Internationalization and Human Capital

The Forum on Internationalization and Human Capital is a space for reflection and debate on the main challenges of international staff management. It comprises people who are responsible for international HR management in multinational companies, experts on geographic mobility and talent management, and academics who study this phenomenon from a business, legal, and social perspective, thus realizing the Chair's aim of acting as a meeting point between the University and Business.

The Forum on Internationalization and Human Capital meets annually and has the following objectives:

  1. Identifying and prioritizing the main challenges and problems companies face when managing talent in international settings.
  2. Determining which subjects require greater research effort by the Chair and the academic community in general.
  3. Helping the Chair to select the most relevant subjects, experiences, and best practices for dissemination in seminars and meetings aimed at businesses and professionals.
Members of the Forum on Internationalization and Human Capital

Professionals and businesses

  • D. Francisco Puertas, Talent & Organization Performance Partner
  • D. Carlos Anta, Director of Remuneration and Benefits
  • Dña. Evelyn García, International Mobility, Remuneration and Benefits Manager
  • Dña. Mónica Allés, Director of Remuneration and Benefits and Executive Development
  • D. José Ignacio Antelo, Director of HR Mobility Office
  • D. Emilio Cortés, Director of Human Resources
  • D. Matías Delgado-Ureña, Vice President Headquarters
  • Dña. Inmaculada Somoza, Head of Operations for Collaborations with Universities
  • D. Juan Antonio Del Pozo Rodríguez, Deputy Director of Asset Security Latin America
  • Dña. Marta López Jadraque. International assignments
  • D. Alfonso Gordon, Corporate Director of Human Resources
  • D. Francisco Martín, Director of Human Resources
  • D. Miguel Ángel Vidal, General Secretary
  • D. Gonzalo Avello, Corporate Remuneration and Benefits Director
  • Dña. Gema Góngora, Executive Development Manager
  • D. Alberto Cabellos Valero, Director of HR Governance and Cross-Cutting Projects
  • D. Ignacio Cendón González, Head of Training and Development and Diversity
  • D. Antonio J. Casado Vázquez, Head of Positioning and Dimensioning
  • D. Jesús De Isidro, Corporate General Manager
  • Dña. Ana Villacañas, General Director of Human Resources
  • D. Carlos Saldaña, Corporate. Remuneration and benefits Director
  • D. Didier Guillot, Director of Human Resources
  • Dña. Ana del Val, Remuneration and Benefits Director
  • D. José María Caballero, Deputy Director General of HR. MAPFRE RE
  • D. Rafael Barrilero, Partner
  • D. Francisco Catalá, Senior Vice-President of Human Resources
  • Dña. Mar De Andrés, Director of Recruitment and International Assignments
  • D. Antonio Naz Altolaguirre, Executive Talent Management Director
  • D. Pablo Alonso Miguel, Managing People


  • Dña. Marta Muñiz, Director of the Chair in Business Internationalization, Diversity and Professional Development. Co-Director of the MBA in the Global Energy Industry (Comillas Pontifical University & Strathclyde University). Lecturer in the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
  • D. Jesús Labrador, Lecturer in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Director of the Master's in Human Resource Management
  • Dña. Ana Matorras, Lecturer in the Faculty of Law and Expert on Remuneration and Compensation. Director of the ICADE journal
  • Dña. Amaia Arzikuren, Lecturer in the Faculty of Business Administration. Expert in International Human Resource Management

Conferencias y Participaciones en Congresos

The Chair has an active presence in the leading academic forums on international business and managing people.

Record of Participation in Conferences and Congresses:
  • Matorras Caneja, M. and Muñiz Ferrer, M. (2014), Seminar "Social Security and Employment Policies as driver of economic growth", organized by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security and the Menéndez Pelayo International University, Santander, July 2014
  • Muñiz Ferrer, M. and Arizkuren Eleta, A. (2014), 1ST HR INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE, HR DIVISION OF THE ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT (AOM), “Influence of Managerial support on work-life conflict and organizational commitment: an international comparison for India, Peru and Spain” and “Organizational, Individual and Environmental Variables that affect repatriation”, Beijing (China), June 2014
  • Muñiz Ferrer, M. (2013), 11TH WORKSHOP ON INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT, “Research challenges in International HR. MNCs perspective in Spain”, Berlin (Germany), October 2013
  • Arizkuren Eleta, A. (2013), 28TH WORKSHOP ON STRATEGIC HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: "Determinants of firm's competitiveness and expatriates' satisfaction". Copenhagen, April 15-16, 2013
  • Arizkuren Eleta, A. (2013), 12th IHRM CONFERENCE. "Dream, discover, dare, innovations in the Global Village: Role of HRM". Management Development Institute. New Delhi,India. 10-13 December, 2012
  • Arnáez, N. (2012), XXII NATIONAL ACEDE CONGRESS. "Reflections on management practices and factors favoring repatriation". Cádiz, September, 2012
  • Muñiz Ferrer, M. (2012),CENTER FOR INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS, "Revisiting Internationalization: Dynamics, Diversity and Sustainability", Aalborg University, Denmark, May 31 to June 2, 2012
  • Muñiz Ferrer, M. (2012), FIRST INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT: A GLOBAL CHALLENGE. SINHGAD SCHOOL OF BUSINESS STUDIES. Keynote Speaker: "Strategic Human Resource Management Next Challenge: Diversity Management", Pune (India) 2012
  • Muñiz Ferrer, M. (2011-2012), 2011-2012 FORUM SERIES. DIVERSITY MANAGEMENT TOOLKIT, Organized by the Diversity Charter in cooperation with Iberdrola, Indra, Ferrovial, Orange. Madrid, 2011.
  • Muñiz Ferrer, M. & Matorras Caneja, A. (2011), ICEX ANNUAL INTERNATIONALIZATION FORUM,"Spanish business in a global world: Opportunities and threats in emerging countries”, Madrid, 2011.
  • Muñiz Ferrer, M. and Arizkuren Eleta, A. (2014), 9TH WORKSHOP ON INTERNATIONAL STRATEGY AND CROSS-CULTURAL MANAGEMENT, EIASM, "The Successful Adaptation of Expatriates and the Intercultural Communicative Competence" and "Key Issues that Impact Expatriates' Satisfaction During International Assignments", Moscow 2011.
  • Muñiz Ferrer, M. (2011), ACADEMY OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS (AIB). Annual Meeting 2011. Nanzan University, Nagoya, Japan.
  • Muñiz Ferrer, M. (2011), OFFICIAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY OF MADRID, Corporate Social Responsibility Colloquium. From inevitability to opportunity: the role of diversity management in the modern company, Madrid, 2011.
  • Muñiz Ferrer, M. (2011), EUROPEAN INSTITUTE FOR DIVERSITY MANAGEMENT,Tools for managing diversity in businesses. Seville, 2011.
  • Muñiz Ferrer, M. (2010), Diversity and Inclusiveness: a new business paradigm for a new scenario. IESE Business School, University of Navarra, Madrid.
  • Muñiz Ferrer, M. (2010), OFFICIAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY OF MADRID, Technical Workshop on Foreign Trade. Business Internationalization and Foreign Movement of Workers, Madrid.
  • Muñiz Ferrer, M. (2010), EUROPEAN INSTITUTE FOR DIVERSITY, "Positive conflict management": Beyond Diversity. . Barcelona:
  • Muñiz Ferrer, M., Arizkuren Eleta, A., Arnáez, N. (2010), VIII INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT, Pablo de Olavide University, Seville.



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