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There are several ways to collaborate with our University and we would like to thank the numerous businesses, associations, foundations, public institutions and individuals in advance for the support they provide on a daily basis.  We are open to all collaboration proposals that could be of benefit to our university community.

The most common ways of collaborating and those which we would usually suggest are as follows:


of university activities such as academic events, conferences, specific programs, prizes for the best dissertations, etc. Normally, businesses like to sponsor activities and subjects that strike a special chord with them, showing their commitment to encouraging students and society as a whole to work together in these areas.

Please contact the University Promotion Office


By way of various Education Collaboration Agreements, we offer internships for our students in businesses and institutions both in Spain and across the world.

Further information


We manage a wide range of offers sent to us by businesses and institutions, presenting pre-selected candidates or publishing profiles on our intranet. In addition, we also offer candidates the opportunity to have their profile updated and to indicate their preferences so we can help them find work in their chosen fields. This service facilitates a quality transition onto the labor market since we can put forward the best candidate for the job.

Please contact the Internship and Careers Office

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Entrepreneurship mentors

Various University associations of entrepreneurs, mainly established by the students themselves, are supported by expert advice from experienced entrepreneurs in order to effectively launch their own ideas and initiatives. Many of our students have brilliant ideas but are sometimes held back by a lack of business knowledge, the skills to secure funding and the experience to create a viable business plan.

Please contact the Entrepreneurial Unit for more information


Our range of study grants and financial aid is largely dependent on the donations received from former students, friends of the university, businesses and institutions. Comillas firmly believes -as reflected in the University Statues- that no student invited to study at our University should be held back by their financial situation. For more information and procedures about how to contribute, tax benefits, etc.

More information on the page "Build your University"