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Concept and principal purposes

The aim of this activity is to spread and develop social awareness about Energy and Sustainable Development among Spanish citizens, spurring a needed debate on the serious consequences of energy on sustainability.

Thus, the Chair, through the work of a permanent and qualified team and the support of external collaborators coming from several institutions, has created an Observatory on Energy and Sustainable Development. This Observatory was conceived to issue an annual report, or occasional reports according to exceptional events, on the evolution of a set of energy indicators or other aspects, such as new sectorial regulation. The report highlights whether this evolution has been positive in terms of sustainability.

The Observatory's reports concern the Spanish case exclusively, involving its national, sectorial (i.e. transportation, production, services, etc.) and energy business dimension. It also compares our situation to other countries', especially those of our economic area. The reports are grounded on the analysis of public and reliable sources of information and research papers. A critical analysis and assessment of the obtained information is added to the sistematic work of obtaining reliable and relevant indicators of the evolution of energy production and consumption and of their effects on sustainability. This task is performed by the BP Chair's staff in collaboration with the support of external experts.

The annual report of the Observatory is presented in one of the annual events organised by the Chair.

Reports, summaries and presentations

Observatory of energy and sustainable development in Spain 2013

March, 28th 2014: 2013 Report / Data Annex

Report Presentation

Economic Flows of energy sector without externalities

Sankey Diagrams: