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The purposes of the BP Chair are:

These purposes will be framed in the field of sustainable development and, more especifically, in the field of the Chair's interests.

1. A centre for debate

Sustainable development combines many of the biggest challenges that mankind faces. It is a highly complex subject both because of its compulsory interdisciplinary approach and because of the need for forecasts that involve social, technical, legal and economic variables.

Debate among experts with different scientific backgrounds is a privileged tool to identify the main aspects to be taken into account, to try to understand their implications and mutual linking, to explore possible alternatives, to outline solutions and to get ready for tackling specific tasks regarding particular contexts. A tool to do all the aforementioned without losing sight of the general objective and global frameworks.

2. Creation of knowledge

University natural field is training and research. Therefore, the Chair will strive to include the considerations of sustainable development formally in the programmes of study and research in the University departments, profiting from existing experiences, both of Comillas and other universities, and from BP cooperation. In this sense, the Chair will promote both interdisciplinary work which favours the confluence of experts coming from engineering, law, business management and social sciences, and all those research projects, doctoral thesis, meetings and seminars that set out to combine theoretical and conceptual thought with spreading of practical, original and feasible applications.

Training is not only acquired in the classroom, but also through the whole of activities organized by the University. The Chair will propose a larger plan, aiming to become a comprehensive plan on sustainable development in Comillas University. The plan will focus, at least at the beginning, on environmental aspects.

Another main objective will be the promotion of research, intending to contribute to the creation of knowledge on the field of sustainable development.

3. Spreading and development of social awareness

Finding solutions to our days big issues, such as the definition and implementation of a model of sustainable development in our society, will be the result of many decisions, which will be taken by many diverse actors, from individual to supranational levels. Within a democratic context, these important choices need to be supported and promoted by the citizen community. Thus, one of the Chair's goals will be to spread the relevant knowledge on sustainable development. It will attempt to create social awareness on the question, first at the Comillas University and then in the Spanish society. Also, it will promote the generation of experiences, aiming to create examples of good practices capable of being copied and improved in other places. The role of companies in social progress will receive especial attention, with the help that BP and other companies may offer.