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Concept and principal purposes

This activity is jointly organised by the BP Chair on Sustainable Development and the Club Español de la Energía. Its main purposes align with those of the BP Chair:

  1. To be a centre for debate.
  2. To create knowledge.
  3. To spread and to create social awareness.

The Forum is an annual or biennial meeting of a stable nature which is focused on current issues regarding energy and sustainable development. Every Forum counts on the participation of internationally known experts. The format of each meeting is different, in order to better adapt to its specific character and objectives. The approach of the topic is as multidisciplinary as possible, taking into account technical, legal, economic and social aspects.

On the basis of attendance by invitation, a limited number (25-30) of specialists, both national and international, meet to tackle a topic in depth. In principle, every year's topic is different. The group of specialist is made up of a permanent core together with a group of experts that may change depending on the chosen topic.

Annual programs - Conferences

The Chair, along with the Club Español de la Energía, is responsible of publishing and spreading a summary of the conclusions by the meeting. In order to broaden its scope, a public act is organised after the closing of the meeting, where two or three representative participants give their opinions on the selected topic.

Find the list of the past meetings below:

Thirteenth editión

Twelth edition

Eleventh edition

Tenth edition

Nineth edition

Eighth edition

Seventh edition

Sixth edition

Fifth edition

Third edition

Second edition

First edition