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The Dialogs on Energy and Sustainability evolves from the Working Group on Sustainable Energy Policies. It aims at increasing its operational capability concerning the decision making, its spreading, and the specification on the considered subjects. The DES is coordinated by Pedro Linares and Gonzalo Sáenz de Miera. It is made up of a stable number of specialists on different aspects related to energy and sustainable development. The DES meets every two months to discuss about an already defined subject, according to a preestablished annual programme. The programme is designed in accordance to the most important and current issues every year. The DES's goal is to study options in depth and contribute to the formulation of necessary policies in order to obtain a sustainable energetic model in Spain.

Given that the DES's primary objective is to contribute to the debate about the definition of sustainable energy policies, its main product is a set of documents, open to general public, which clearly expresses the different attitudes for the subjects discussed. Points of consensus are specially emphasized.

For this purpose, a document, with a maximum length of 5 pages, is prepared to be spread in different institutions or companies, and a 2 page document is published in "Energías Renovables" magazine.

The Chair supports the DES's activities, increasing its capabilities. All the documents issued by the DES, as well as any other related material, will be available on the BP Chair's website and the following blog.

Meetings DES

November, 27th 2013 Market power of the hydrocarbon sector
September, 27th 2013 The future utility.
July, 23th 2013 Reform of the Spanish electric sector.

Meetings WGSEP

May, 31st 2012 Main issues that need to be answered by the Renewable Energy Action Plan
March, 29th 2012 Governance for rural electrification of isolated rural areas
February, 2nd 2012 The role of non conventional fossil resources (shale gas, tight oil) in the Spanish energy policy
December, 15th 2011 The results of the agreement reached during the Durban`s COP
October, 27th 2011 The energetic Roadmap to 2050 of the EU
May, 26th 2011 The implications of FUKUSHIMA on the energetic sector
March, 24th 2011 Liberalization vs regulation of energetic markets: the case of the electrical Spanish market
January, 27th 2011 Viability of nuclear energy in Spain
November, 11th 2010 Management of renewable energies costs: electric sector or all sectors
June, 1st 2010 Analysis of electricity prices in Spain
April, 6th 2010 Energetic issues in the sustainable economy's law draft and the arrangement for the economic growth recovery
February, 2nd 2010 Results of the agreement reached in the COP15 of Copenhague: The implications for Spain
December, 1st 2009 Future of renewable energies support in Spain
October, 13th 2009 Recomendations for the spanish presidency of the EU: Energetic sustainable policies
June, 9th 2009 Green jobs on energy sector
April, 21th 2009 Social policies in energy markets
February, 19th 2009 Energetic rehabilitation of buildings: a key and urgent response to crisis

December, 16th 2008 Analysis of electric car implementation from an environmental, energetic and economic point of view
October, 21th 2008 Analysis of spanish policies on energetic efficiency

Publication in "Cuadernos de Energía"
June, 24th 2008 Summary - Discussion about Biofuels
April, 22th 2008 Environmental Taxation
March, 4th 2008 The 20 + 20 european proposal

January, 16th 2008 Guidelines for a sustainable energy model in Spain